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Pro-Tech Pharma Testosterone Propionate 100 Mg 10 Ml

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Product information

Product information

You can easily check the accuracy of Pro-Tech Pharma products with the PRO-TECH CHECK KONTROL system on their website. In this article, we will provide information about the indications, side effects and effective dose of Testosterone Propionate 100 mg 10 ml.

How Much Does Pro-Tech Pharma Testosterone Propionate Price?

Pro-Tech Pharma Testosterone Propionate 100 Mg 10 Ml price:

$ 17,98


Testosterone is a steroid androgenic hormone secreted primarily in the testicles of males and in the eggs of females, but also by the adrenal glands. Testosterone plays an important role in health and well-being as well as sexual function in men and women. Examples include increased libido, increased energy, increased production of red blood cells and prevention of osteoporosis.

Side effects:

Like any hormone, testosterone or other anabolic steroids can cause various conditions and problems with long-term use. There are side effects such as infertility, libido or erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, penile enlargement, height growth, bone marrow stimulation and anemia reversal. In the late 1940s, testosterone was touted for anti-aging purposes but may have higher rates of side effects.

Effective Dose:

The effective dose can vary between 50-100 mg daily. This dosage may vary depending on the duration and goals of the treatment. However, always consult with your doctor and remember to follow their instructions.


Pro-Tech Pharma Testosterone Propionate 100 mg 10 ml is an anabolic steroid and androgenic hormone that plays an important role in the health and sexual functions of men and women. However, due to the side effects and problems that may arise as a result of long-term use, your doctor

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