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Enova Pharma Testesterone Cypianote 200 Mg 5x2Ml Ampoule

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Product information

Product information

Enova Pharma Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg 5x2 ml Ampoule is a suitable solution for men who want to increase your physical and mental performance and increase your testosterone levels. This product contains a dose that can range from 200mg to 2000mg per week.

Enova Pharma offers an accurate and reliable testosterone cypionate product. This product is a steroid with many benefits such as rapid recovery, strength and energy increase after training. It also ensures that testosterone levels are maintained at the appropriate level by including long-term oily injections.

How Much Is Enova Pharma Testosterone Cypianote?

Enova Pharma Testesterone Cypianote 200 Mg 5x2Ml Ampoule price:

$ 22,63

What Is Testosterone Cypionate Ampoule?

Enova Pharma Testesterone Cypianote 200 Mg 5x2Ml Ampoule is a medicine for androgen hormone therapy for men. This drug is used to compensate for the deficiency of the hormone testosterone and enhances the anabolic effects in the body.

How does it work?

Testosterone is the body's primary male androgen hormone, and a deficiency of this hormone can lead to many problems. Enova Pharma Testesterone Cypionate 200 Mg 5x2Ml Ampoule helps to increase testosterone levels, helping to solve these problems. When given as an injection, this product acts quickly and provides a long-lasting effect.

When is it used?

Enova Pharma Testosterone Cypianote 200 mg is used to solve the problems that men experience due to testosterone deficiency. These include problems such as low libido, fatigue, depression, impaired fat distribution, muscle weakness and osteoporosis. It is also recommended for men who want to improve their sport and fitness. However, you should consult a doctor or specialist before using this product.

How to use?

Enova Pharma Testesterone Cypianote 200 Mg 5x2Ml Ampoule is administered subcutaneously. Each ampoule contains 200 mg of active substance. The dose of use may vary according to the condition of the person and the purpose of treatment. It can usually range from 200 mg to 2000 mg and is administered once a week. The application process should be done by a doctor.

How Long Is It Used?

The duration of use of Enova Pharma Testosterone Cypianote 200 mg may vary depending on the person's testosterone levels, other health problems, and the doctor's prescription recommendations. Therefore, you should talk to your doctor about the duration of use.

Side effects

Enova Pharma Testesterone Cypionate 200 mg 5×2 ml Ampoule may cause some side effects. These side effects may include symptoms such as headache, nausea, constipation, dry skin and urinary tract infections. Also, serious side effects if the dosage is excessive

Effective Dose

200mg – 2000mg/week

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Shipping & Payment

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