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Oxydine Metabolics Ghrp-2 5 Mg 5 Vials + Anti Bacterial Water

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Product information

Product information

Oxydine Metabolics Ghrp-2 5 Mg 5 Vials + Anti Bacterial Water

The combination of Oxydine Metabolics Ghrp-2 5mg 5 vials is ideal for a healthy and efficient release of growth hormone. This product can be used for purposes such as increase in lean muscle mass, anti-aging and fat burning.

What is the Price of Oxydine Metabolics Ghrp-2?

Oxydine Metabolics Ghrp-2 5 Mg 5 Vials + Anti Bacterial Water price:

$ 77,50

What is ghrp-2 and how does it work?

GHrp-2 is one of the growth hormone-releasing (GH) peptides. By increasing the body's natural GH secretion, this peptide promotes an increase in lean muscle mass, anti-aging effects and fat burning. Ghrp-2 may look like other GH releasing products Cjc1295 and sermorelin, but they work on completely different receptors.

Ghrp-2 Usage

GHrp-2 is recommended to be taken between 300-500 mcg daily and can be divided 2 or 4 times a day. For best results, it is recommended to be used in the morning when blood sugar is low, as soon as you wake up and at times such as after training. It is recommended not to eat for 30-60 minutes after use and to drink isolated protein.

Usage Period

There is no specific usage limit.

Benefits of ghrp-2

Some of the most important benefits of ghrp-2 are:

  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Supporting fat burning

Possible Side Effects of Ghrp-2

Some possible side effects may occur when using ghrp-2:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • excessive desire to sleep
  • Temporary drop in blood sugar levels

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Shipping & Payment

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