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Peptide Sciences PEG-MGF 10 Mg 5 Vials + Anti-Bacterial Water

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Product information

Product information

Peptide science is a tool that plays an important role in strengthening and repairing muscles. For this reason, there are many peptides that are used to accelerate muscle damage after training or to help muscles grow. One of them is MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) peptide.

A Powerful Product to Help Muscle Recovery

While training, muscles can be damaged and take some time to repair. MGF peptide helps muscles recover faster by accelerating this repair process. In addition, the MGF peptide increases protein synthesis, helping muscle cells grow and helping to build bigger muscles.

How Much Does Peptide Sciences PEG-MGF Cost?

Peptide Sciences PEG-MGF 10 Mg 5 Vials + Anti Bacterial Water price:

$ 83,70

Dosage and Use of MGF Peptide

The dosage of the MGF peptide may vary depending on the person's body structure, training level and goals. However, in general, the daily dosage is 1400 mcg, which should be divided equally into 2 or 3 daily portions. The MGF peptide should be applied topically and the daily dosage should be evenly distributed to each muscle group. For example, a daily dosage of 1400 mcg can be dispensed in 2 sessions as 700 mcg in the morning-700 mcg in the evening. In one session 700 mcg can be distributed for 4 muscle groups (chest, biceps) and 180 mcg for each muscle group can be used. Topically, 60 mcg can be used for areas within each muscle group (lower chest, mid chest, upper chest).

Use of MGF Peptide Post-Workout

The use of MGF peptide post-workout will help muscles recover and grow faster.

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