Pregnyl 5000 IU 1 Ampoule

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Product information

Product information

Pregnyl 5000IU: Human Progeny and Increases Testosterone Levels

Pregnyl is not a steroid. It is a natural human progeny obtained from the urine of pregnant women. Pregnyl makes men's testicles produce more testosterone.

Excessive use of testosterone by athletes stops the body's own normal production. However, Pregnyl restarts this production and works the testicles by raising the body's male hormone level. Acting very quickly, it brings the body's testosterone level back to its original balance. Therefore, Pregnyl is necessary during long-term and high-dose steroid use so that the testicles do not stop working and there is no loss of masculinity.

As a result of giving too much steroid to the body from outside, the pituitary gives signals that stop normal production in the testicles to balance the increase in male hormone in the body. However, Pregnyl quickly raises the testosterone level in the body. The high level of hormones both given externally and produced by the body increases the effect of the cure.

Pregnyl increases the androgen level in men by 0. This is a very high level and while protecting the phallus, it also increases the steroid's range of action. At the same time, the estrogen level naturally rises.

How Much Does Pregnyl 5000 IU Price?

Pregnyl 5000 IU 1 Ampoule price:

$ 13,95

Pregnyl 5000IU Usage:

A single injection of 5000IU is sufficient for mild to moderate cures. In cures with drugs such as Deca and Tren, two 5000IU injections are recommended. 5000IU is for one-time injection and should be used immediately after mixing with water. Do not perform operations such as dividing, holding and adjusting dosage.

How to Injection:

The powdered medicine must be dissolved in the liquid inside before injecting. Injection of the drug into the body can be done with normal black and green-tipped needles on the upper part of the leg or arm, or with an insulin injection into the abdominal wall. The effect of these methods is the same, but the easiest is to do it under the skin with an insulin injection. If the injection is to be made under the skin, it is easily your own procedure.

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