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Saxenda Liraglutide 6 mg 1 Pen

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Product information

Product information

Saxenda Liraglutide 6 mg 1 Pen: What is Saxenda Liraglutide and What Is It Used For?

Saxenda Liraglutide is a drug used for weight loss and hunger control. Liraglutide can be described as a GLP-1 type hormone and can help you lose weight by reducing the body's sense of hunger.


Saxenda Liraglutide 6 mg is available as 1 pen and is recommended to be taken once a day. The dosage of the drug may vary according to the person's weight loss goals and body structure.

How Much Does Saxenda Liraglutide Cost?

Saxenda Liraglutide 6 mg 1 Pen price:

$ 27,90

Side effects

Some side effects may occur during the use of Saxenda Liraglutide. These may include complaints such as nausea, constipation, excessive sleepiness and excessive consumption.

If these side effects become persistent and severe, it is recommended to consult your doctor. In addition, if you see a different side effect while using the drug, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Working Mechanism of Liraglutide

Saxenda Liraglutide works as a GLP-1 type hormone. This hormone can help you lose weight by reducing the body's sense of hunger. It can also regulate the body's glucose (sugar) metabolism by balancing insulin levels.

Liraglutide also works like the hormone leptin. Leptin hormone supports the weight loss process by controlling the body's fat stores.

Helping to Lose Weight

Saxenda Liraglutide can be used to support the weight loss process. The fact that the drug reduces the feeling of hunger and controls the body's fat stores can facilitate weight loss.

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